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Chris Aldrich Homepage | BoffoSocko
Boffosocko is the homepage for Chris Aldrich. Read my thoughts on mathematics, engineering, biology, research, the entertainment industry, and related topics.
Chris Aldrich Blog: BoffoSocko.com
Favorite Things
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Kev Quirk
Kev Quirk is a cyber security nerd, web design enthusiast and privacy advocate from the UK.
Why Having A Full Post RSS Feed Is A Good Idea
Implementing The IndieWeb Into My Website
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Adactio: Jeremy Keith
Adactio is the website of Jeremy Keith, a web developer living in Brighton in southern England.
Adactio: Journal—My typical day
Adactio: Tags—development
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Autonomie – notizBlog
Autonomie is a highly semantic, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized WordPress Theme. It provides HTML5 templates refined with microformats, microformats2 and microdata (Schema.org). Autonomie supports a lot of OpenWeb plugins and is fully IndieWeb compatible. Download latest version Description "Autonomie" is a "living theme". I use it for my own blog and so it [...]
notizBlog – a weblog about the open, portable, interoperable, social, synaptic, semantic, structured...
Matthias Pfefferle – notizBlog
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