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Chris Aldrich Homepage | BoffoSocko
Boffosocko is the homepage for Chris Aldrich. Read my thoughts on mathematics, engineering, biology, research, the entertainment industry, and related topics.
Chris Aldrich | Chris Aldrich
Chris Aldrich Blog: BoffoSocko.com
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Kev Quirk - Home
Hi there! 👋 I’m Kev Quirk, a cyber security nerd, web design enthusiast and privacy advocate from the UK. Welcome to my website.
Kev Quirk
Implementing The IndieWeb Into My Website - Kev Quirk
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Adactio: Jeremy Keith
Adactio is the website of Jeremy Keith, a web developer living in Brighton in southern England.
Design Principles
The Gęsiówka Story by Edward Kossoy
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Jamie’s Notes - A personal website
Hi, I’m Jamie. I like books, history, tea and terminals. This is my blog, and another excuse to waste time on the internet.
Jamie’s Notes
The Terror - Jamie’s Notes
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