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What is different about this search engine?


What is a personal website?

These are websites primarily for an individual's personal (rather than business) use, where the individual owns both the content and the domain (i.e. it isn't on or owned by a centralised platform). There are lots of benefits to individuals for doing this. Such sites are sometimes referred to as being part of the IndieWeb, the "small web" or the "non-commercial web".

How do I add a personal website that is not already listed?

Use the Add Site link at the top. There are two main options: Quick Add and Verified Add. The Quick Add lets anyone submit any site simply by entering the home page, although it needs to pass an approval process after submission before it is indexed. The Verified Add options can only be used by the site owner, who needs to verify that they own the site.

How do I verify ownership of a site?

The easiest way to prove ownership is to use IndieAuth, but if you don't have that set up you can still submit your site with a Domain Control Validation (DCV) process similar to that which you may have used for other services, i.e. you upload a specific piece of content to the domain's root or TXT record. The Add Site link will guide you through the process.

How do I verify ownership of an already listed site to access the verified owner benefits?

Use the Add Site link at the top and choose one of the Verified Add options described above.

How do I check on the status of a site I submitted via Quick Add?

Given there is no user tracking on Quick Add (see Privacy Policy) it isn't possible to notify you of changes to your submission directly. However, you can resubmit the site and see what the message is, i.e. it is now being indexed, still pending review, or rejected (along with rejection reason).

How frequently are sites reindexed?

At the moment, sites added via the Quick Add are reindexed weekly, and Verified Add are reindexed twice weekly (verified owners can also trigger reindexes on demand). The Quick Add page has a summary of the differences.

If it isn't funded by adverts, how will it pay running costs?

The plan is for site owners to pay a small fee if they want additional benefits, such as greater indexing frequency, higher indexing page limit, ability to configure what is indexed, ability to trigger a reindex on demand, access to the API to add a search box to their site, etc.

What about privacy?

With an operating model not based on advertising or collecting personal information for sale to advertisers, this site offers an unusually high level of privacy for a search engine. See the Privacy Policy for full details.

Who has developed this site?

This site has been developed by Michael I Lewis as a side-project.

Where can I find out more about how it works?

Search for searchmysite.net to see posts on michael-lewis.com about the technology stack, ranking algorithm, etc., and Documentation for information on the query syntax, indexed fields, etc.